Here’s an even dozen song excerpts, just as I play ’em live:

  • Love the One You’re With (Stephen Stills)
  • Come Together (The Beatles)
  • Crazy Love (Poco)
  • Dead Egyptian Blues (Trout Fishing in America)
  • Lady in Red (Chris DeBurg)
  • Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing (Chris Issak)
  • That Lonesome Road (James Taylor)
  • Roller Derby Queen (Jim Croce)
  • Please Come to Boston (Dave Loggins)
  • Duke of Dubuque (Manhattan Transfer)
  • What to Say (Brad Kozak)
  • Secret Agent Man (Johnny Rivers)

If you liked my arrangement of Please Come to Boston, here’s the full version. Everything you hear on this recording is me, playing in real time – no overdubs. The background vocals are created using a digital harmonizer, which ‘listens’ to my voice and guitar, and creates the harmony based on the chord structure. The guitar is in a “drop-D” tuning (in other words, I tune the low E string down to D), giving the song a completely different tonality.