Classic Rock & Blues – Agents Provocateurs


Agents Provocateurs is the classic rock and blues group Brad put together as an outlet for times when a solo or duo isn’t a big enough sound to rock the joint.  Whether handling vocals from behind the drums or holding down keyboard duties, to soloing on blues harp or electric guitar, he leads a group of polished professionals who blow the roof off the joint, every gig. memorial-jam-deja-vu.jpg memorial-jam-deja-vu-with-tracy.jpg

“When you get past your fourth decade, there’s something about the way your playing changes and evolves,” Brad stated. “You get rid of all the superfluous stuff…the extra notes, the meaningless flash, the derivative licks, and you distill your playing down to the essentials.” Multiply that by four, and you’ve got a sound that’s lean, mean, and mesmerizing.

memorial-jam-agents-provocateurs-drums.jpg Get more information about the group soon, over at their new website,