544817_3312234046883_601631799_n.jpgTaking up the guitar at the ripe old age of 21, Brad Kozak discovered that his background in drumming provided a unique perspective on the instrument, and inspired a style that combines the melodic capabilities of the instrument, with the percussive and rhythmic sounds of a drummer. As a result, Brad’s work as a performer runs the gamut from pop and folk to jazz and fusion, with a layover in blues and Latin music.


“Because I taught guitar for so many years, I had to play a wide variety of styles my students wanted to learn.” Brad continued, “That naturally translated to playing everything from pop tunes, folk songs and country classics, to jazz standards, Latin hits and novelty songs.

Humor plays a big part in Brad’s performances. “I’ve always looked at humor as a way to connect to audiences,” he offered, “so I typically tell a lot of stories, and play a few songs that will make you laugh.”

brad-by-the-bridge.jpgBecause Brad plays a number of instruments, many of his solo performances involve harmonica, bass, ukulele, keyboard, and even three- or four-part harmony, by way of a digital harmonizer.

A big part of Brad’s performances are his original compositions. “My influences are all over the map,” Brad stated. “When I first started playing, Don MacLean and James Taylor were huge influences. Then I started to branch out – Leo Kottke, Clapton, Joe Pass, Segovia, you name it.” His love of guitar brought him to finger style, flat picking and slide work, jazz improvisation, alternate tunings and just about every style of blues out there.” Brad’s songs are impossible to characterize with a single style. They range from folk-pop tunes and jazz-influenced melodies, to fusions between Latin and blues.

“I like to think that no matter what kind of music you like, you’ll find something to like in every one of my sets,” Brad said. Now it’s your turn. Check out one of Brad’s live shows, or call to book him for your next event.